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MSRC Spring Newsletter 2015

We couldn’t really complain about this winter – I have only had the water buckets in the stable frozen twice which is amazing. We have been so lucky. The days are getting much longer now and we hope we an all look forward to a good summer with lots of equestrian activity and sound horses.

We didn’t lose one competition day this winter – and one jumping day was amazingly sunny and really brought out the crowds and we had a fantastic day! Thank you to all those of you who ran winter competitions for us – we are very grateful.

Winter training has gone well and has attracted a considerable number of non- members too which is interesting. There were regular clinics with Nikki Stephens, Gaye Farquharson and Amanda Edmonds. There were full day clinics with Steve Hague, Sue Petty and Jane Holderness-Roddam. Despite Area 12 springing the Intermediate qualifiers on two of these days and another qualifier on Jane’s day, we still managed to fill them and these were all greatly appreciated and enjoyed. We also ran an evening with Sam Griffiths in combination with a talk from the Community Relations Officer from RNAS Yeovilton on low flying and the horse rider. This was very much enjoyed and there was an excellent supper provided too!

Our teams have all been in action and there are reports below from each Team Manager. We would remind you that Team Managers do not have the time to ring everyone on the membership list and the onus is on YOU to contact them and offer yourself for team selection. Their contact details are given with their reports – SO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

Sara Bartlett (07967 208 778) SHOW JUMPING

The Show Jumping teams got off to a good start with the Intermediate Team qualifying for the Championships. The team consisted of Mandie Bown, Vicky Heal, Shiona Case and Carol Plested. The Novice Team were not so lucky and finished a creditable 5th with some hot competition. It was great to see a couple of new faces in the Novice Team and it would be lovely to see some more for the Summer Qualifiers – so do get in contact!


Late winter brings in the Festival of the Horse qualifiers – on 25 January two teams headed to Pontispool for the Combined Training. It was a fun sociable day with some new team members. Sophie Savage had a successful day coming second in her section.

The Eventer’s Challenge was a great day – with Michelle Phillips winning the 90cm class. Also the team of Michelle, Kathy Emery, Mandie Bown and Carol Plested coming 2nd and qualifying for the Championship at the end of May.
The Horse trails qualifier is on June 28th with heights of 80cm – 100 cm plus – so please get in contact if you would like to be on a team.

Carol Plested (07973 360 968) DRESSAGE AND RIDING TEST

We managed to field two teams and two individuals for the Intermediate Dressage winter qualifier at Stockland Lovell on March 1st 2015. The Maroon Team of Sophie Savage, Lisa Sharpe, Marie Clements & Mandie Bown came 4th with Lisa winning her Novice test. The Gold Team of Camilla Hankinson, Julia Down, Jo Pitman & Nikki Forbes came 5th with Nikki winning her Elementary test. As a non- riding Team Manager I was able to watch all the team tests and chat to everyone; several of the riders commented on it being a good and enjoyable team experience.

The Dressage to Music is at Kingston Maurward on May 25th. Mid Somerset are running this music qualifier again and Marian will be delighted to hear from you if you could help on this day, please. Some people have already volunteered but we do need more to lighten the load please – it is a very long day! If you could just spare three hours it would be an enormous help. There are open non music classes too so perhaps some of you will come and swell the numbers. If you want to have a go at the music – please contact Carol as soon as possible. There is also a non BRC qualifier PYO test freestyle class – a really good place to start!

For the Annual Show we are asking for members to donate a prize as sponsorship from companies is becoming ever more difficult ( a haynet, bucket, nylon headcollar etc) – we are also looking for Easter Eggs for the Mini Combined Training on April 4th. Please contact Margaret or Marian.

Our summer training will once again include Gill Longhurst at WHW, Kingsdon; Gaye Farquharson and Ed Hobbs at South Barrow and Amanda Edmonds at Kingfisher. Sue Petty will be making a return visit in May 16th – Sue is very popular and can only take 12 riders – grouped in pairs according to standard – so if you want a place – do get in touch quickly to avoid disappointment.

We hope you find something to interest you in the Summer Programme ~ we look forward to seeing you out and about soon. Please help us by getting your entries in early. See if you can spare time to help at one competition! Just a few hours will be appreciated. Safe Riding!


Main Club contacts: Margaret Peverley (01935 473 188) Marian Draper (01458 241 506 or 07885 301 898) Treasurer & Membership: Julia Down (01373 461 807) Teams: SJ – Sara Bartlett 07967 208 778) – HT/ CT ~ Mandie Bown 07968 146209, Dressage & RT ~ Carol Plested ( 07973 360 968)

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SPACES AVAILABLE – Jane Holderness-Roddam clinic on Saturday 14 February 2015

By popular demand – Jane will be taking four sessions, starting at 10am. Each session will last for approximately 90 minutes. Please be honest about your ability as it will help everyone if we grade the sessions correctly. We can obviously tailor classes, depending on the demand for various activities, but it was thought that they would include some pole exercises and small grids with the later classes having more emphasis on the jumping and focusing on technique and accuracy which would be useful for cross country. All abilities catered for – young horses – novice riders – just be honest and we can fit you in to the correct group and you will undoubtedly enjoy your lesson.

Bookings will be taken on a ‘first come’ basis and a waiting list will be kept. Withdrawals after 7th February will be charged unless the place can be filled. EVERYONE is also REQUIRED to provide a helper for a session or help in another session themselves (moving jumps, poles etc). Please also leave a contact telephone number in case of emergency/accident on the day.

Venue: Kingfisher Equestrian, Lovington. BA7 7PS

For more information visit the clinics page

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MSRC New Year Newsletter 2015

Happy New Year to you all! So far we have been lucky with the weather and the summer yielded a good hay crop, the grass was still growing in November and we have passed the shortest day- – so we can now look forward to Spring!

Those of you who came to the Mark Todd evening at the Northover in November – will hopefully have had a fantastic evening. The tickets sold out so quickly that it will be a reminder to you all to get organised early in future years, but we are not sure at the moment how we can follow that!!!.We were able to send a remarkable £550 to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation, which was the charity Claire Lomas wanted us to support and those of you who saw the amazing Panorama programme showing the work being funded by the NSIF will appreciate just how exciting this research is for people such as Claire. Regeneration of spinal tissue has at last been proved possible.

2014 was not the vintage year for our teams that we had hoped for so now our hopes are pinned on 2015! Being a Team Manager is really hard and very often thankless work, these managers do not have time to ring everyone on the members list – so the onus is on YOU to contact them and make yourself available!!! We usually run at least one Area only team which will give you the taste of team participation without the stress of thinking you may face a National Championship before you really feel ready. So please pick up the phone and talk to the relevant team manager for whichever discipline suits you and have a chat to them – we need to get MSRC back at the top! Our SJ team manager is Sara Bartlett ( 07967 208 778) – she would love to hear from any of you jumpers – there is a new intermediate winter competition this year too. For the Dressage – Carol Plested is the new team manager, we know we have talent in this discipline so please contact Carol on 07973 360 968 ) For Horse Trials, CT, Hunter Trials etc. , Mandie Bown is again the Team Manager( 07968 146 209).

The start of the winter season has begun without weather disruption and although entries haven’t been brilliant – the competitions have been well run and enjoyable. Do please help the organisers by entering dressage in good time as it makes the organisation much more difficult when the entries don’t come in until the poor organiser is preparing the times and we cannot accurately plan hiring times with our venues .

Training clinics are going well – Nikki Stephens, Amanda Edmonds and Gaye Farquharson have been working hard and we are about to have clinics with Jane Holderness-Roddam (spaces available -please book asap), Steve Hague and Sue Petty.

The summer dates for our open shows are :

Wincanton Racecourse

  • May 10th – Dressage Festival
  • June 7th – Annual Show
  • Aug 31st Pic n Mix Combined Training day

We would be delighted to have offers of organisers for these events – or if not organisers – some helpers, please! Could you contact Margaret or Marian if you are prepared to take on one of these competitions?

South Barrow

  • Dressage – May 30th, August 9th & 20th September
  • Show Jumping – May 17th, July 12th & August 2nd.

Mid Somerset are running the Area 12 Dressage to Music qualifier at Kingston Maurward again this year (May 25th) – so yet again Marian is looking for helpers for this day –so please ring her. If you want to come and ride in the non music classes – there is something for everyone and if you want to ride in the music classes please ring Carol. There will be an Open – Pick a Test – music class so if you want to have a go at this – now is your chance!

We also have our Mini CT at South Barrow on April 4th. We are looking for donations of Easter Eggs please for this competition and are also looking for prizes in kind for the Annual Show – so if time is precious and you cannot help at events, please consider giving a prize for the show – haynets, lead ropes, licks, gloves etc are all welcome – prizes don’t have to be expensive – but will really help us. Saracen have come to the end of their sponsorship for us and it is increasingly difficult to replace them. Please give Easter Eggs or prizes to a committee member – they will be really grateful.

Please support the Sam Griffiths evening on February 6th at Long Sutton Village Hall. This event will raise money for our charity donation to World Horse Welfare – to replace that which has been raised in the past at our Terrier racing evening.

Jeremy Greenop from RNAS Yeovilton will also give a short presentation about low flying and the local equestrian community.

We hope to see lots of you out competing in the New Year and wish you all sound and healthy horses and a very Happy New Year. Please, please enter early and please, please if you change your e-mail address or mobile phone number don’t forget to let Julia know!!!! Between them Alex and Julia have all kinds of nightmares with your contact details!

Your Committee

Main Club contacts:   Margaret Peverley (01935 473 188 ) Marian Draper (01458 241 506 / 07885 301 898) Treasurer/ Membership: Julia Down (01373 461 807) Teams: Dressage & Riding Test – Carol Plested (01935 850 248 / 07973 360 968) Horse Trials and Hunter Trials – Mandie Bown ( 07968 146 209 )Show Jumping –Sara Bartlett (07967 208 778)


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Don’t forget…

If you have had a surfeit of Christmas – don’t forget we have dressage on Jan 4th and show jumping on Jan 18th – both at King’s Sedgemoor. Do support these events please!

Also an advance date for your new diary – we have an evening with Sam Griffiths in Long Sutton Village Hall on Friday February 6th – this will be an evening not to be missed!

Happy Christmas to you all.

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Upcoming competitions and booking now for Autumn Training

Winter Training is starting and the first competitions of the Winter Series are nearly upon us!

Steve Hague next Sat Oct 25th and then the Monday nights with Nikki and the Saturdays with Gaye.

First competitions of the winter series: Nov 1st Dressage at King’s Sedgemoor and November 9th Jumping at Kings Sedgemoor.

Do please support these events…

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MSRC Annual General Meeting





7.30 pm


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of 2013 AGM
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Team Manager’s Reports
  6. Committee Report
  7. Election of Officers
  8. Appointment of Hon. Auditor
  9. Presentation of Points Trophies
  10. Any Other Business

There will follow a ‘What are some of our former members doing now?!!’ with a Racing Theme – will include Nigel Payne, Ron Treloggen and Caroline Keevil

There will be free refreshments!

Remember!!!! This meeting is YOUR chance to have your say regarding the programme that the Riding Club puts on for you.

We need to know what YOU want from YOUR club – – so please make every effort to attend this meeting.

Please also remember that we are ALWAYS looking for more helpers at events and YOUR help , if even for a couple of hours – would be invaluable to the Club.

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Autumn Newsletter, 2014

Well this is amazing – the second Autumn newsletter in a row when we can start with what a wonderful summer we have had!!! There has been plenty of good hay and haylage made this year so the winter feed bills should be no more expensive than the year before, but let us hope that we don’t see the awful flooding problems of last year.

2014 has been a fairly quiet year for our teams at National Championships but our Senior Open dressage team were 8th at Lincoln, with the best individual performance coming from Nikki Forbes in 4th place in her arena, the team were 10th in the Riding Test with Lola Ham securing a well deserved 2nd in her arena. Congratulations to everyone who represented us at Area or Championships in 2014. Our Team Managers work so hard to get teams together and once again we would stress that the onus is on YOU to contact the relevant Team Manager and tell them that you would like to be considered for a team. If you put yourself forward for a qualifying team, please be aware of when and where the Championship is due to take place and if your team qualify you will be expected to go to the Championship. Our Team Managers are: Alys Matravers – dressage – 07525 717 925, Mandie Bown – horse trials and combined training etc on 07968 146 209 and Sara Bartlett – show jumping on 07967 208 778. They would love to hear from you!!!! The first qualifier will take place at Pontispool on October 26th for the Winter Dressage in which 2 members ride a Prelim test and two ride a Novice test. The final for this competition is at Hartpury in the Spring. All tests at the qualifier and championship are on a surface.

The Summer programme of events and training went well and although entries are frustratingly slow to come in – the Pic n Mix looked dire up to a week before the competition – but then by the time the day of competition arrived, entries were quite respectable. It is so stressful for the organisers though especially when we are hiring venues often at vast expense. So please try and enter early!!! We thank our Summer trainers – Amanda Edmonds, Gill Longhurst, Gaye Farquharson and Ed Hobbs. The training has been very enjoyable and informative and several new combinations have benefited from these sessions.

So to the Winter Programme -on the competition front we have dressage and jumping at King’s Sedgemoor and dressage at Kingfisher. We have training at Kingfisher with Nikki Stephens taking the popular Monday night sessions again, three clinics with Gaye Farquharson and day clinics with Sue Petty, Steve Hague and Jane Holderness-Roddam. We need helpers for competitions and training days and will be very glad to hear from you if you can spare a couple of hours on any of the dates. Please contact the organiser of the event or training – they will be delighted to hear from you!

The membership fee has been held at the 2013/14 level and membership is due for renewal on November 1st. We hope to see you at the AGM on November 6th at Long Sutton Village Hall – free supper – presentation of annual awards and for entertainment we have asked various previous members of the Riding Club to come and talk about where their lives with horses have now taken them. Star turn will be Caroline Keevil, who is now a successful trainer. World Horse Welfare will be there with Christmas Cards etc – so please do make use of this opportunity to buy cards and gifts from them. Do come along and tell us the things YOU would like to see the club putting on in future.

The Supper Evening with Mark Todd is almost upon us – this sold out so quickly we hope you were not disappointed – but the applications came in thick and fast and Margaret was inundated with post within days of the announcement of the date and venue.

We hope to see you out and about at our events this winter and Safe Riding!  If you are not riding – please offer to help at one of the events or training sessions.

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