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New Year Newsletter

Dear Member,


Having hopefully having reminded those of you who have forgotten that November 1st has now passed ~ we will pass on to more pleasant topics! We hope you all picked up on the news that Mid Somerset won the ultimate accolade of British Riding Clubs by being named as Riding Club of the Year2012. In our terms of performance it wasn’t one of our best years at National level but our lower placing’s did enough to ensure that when all the results were in and the numbers crunched – we came out on top by having the best ratio of our membership being represented and placed at Championships. So well done Mid Somerset!!! Some of our long term team horses have either retired or been off the road for one reason or another so it has been very rewarding to see new team members emerging this year with some exciting horses.

This year the qualifying season kicks off on February 3rd at Pontispool with the Winter Dressage – Alys Matravers is the team manager for dressage ( 07512 239 303) if show jumping is your forte – contact Jo Francis (07967 598 358 ) or for Horse Trials and Hunter Trials etc. , Mandie Bown is the Team Manager( 07968 146 209). Being a Team Manager is really hard and often thankless work, these managers do not have time to ring everyone on the members list – so the onus is on YOU to contact them and make yourself available!!! We usually run at least one Area only team which will give you the taste of team participation without the stress of thinking you may face a National Championship before you really feel ready. So please pick up the phone and talk to the relevant team manager for whichever discipline suits you

The start of the winter season has been dogged by the weather and low turnouts for competitions. The two are probably related but we would like to point out that the new indoor surface at Millfield is excellent and those who did come and jump there in December were very appreciative of the upgrade. Also for those of you who have not yet been to King’s Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre – this is also a superb facility – a 60 x 90m Martin Collins arena and masses of hard standing parking. We have also had members saying to us that they didn’t realise events were taking place – this is puzzling and the only answer seems to be that members are not printing all the information sent out by e-mail!!! If you would rather go back to paper schedules – this option does exist! If you have any thoughts as to why entries are so poor at present we would be delighted to hear from you.

We had an excellent supper evening at the Northover Manor– with Mike Tucker. Thanks are due to Julia for arranging the talk and Margaret for arranging the super venue – this evening was also causing concern as ticket sales were very slow so please enter events in good time!!!.

The winter training is in full swing – so if you are not already involved please consult your training booklet or the website ( which Fiona O’Neill is kindly upgrading for us). Coming up shortly we have jumping clinics with Steve Hague at Kingfisher in January and February. There will be a session for pole work only – so suitable for everyone and a must for those young horses. Jane Holderness-Roddam will be with us on March 2nd and Sue Petty will be back on March 24th. The monthly clinics with Amanda Edmonds ( nee Gillman) have been a great success and three more dates are given with this mailing – do book early for these if you want a place as they are VERY popular!!

The summer dates for our open shows are given on a separate sheet with this mailing and we would be delighted to have offers of organisers for these events – or if not organisers – some helpers, please! Could you contact Margaret or Marian if you are prepared to take on one of these competitions?

Mid Somerset are running the Area 12 Dressage to Music qualifier at Kingston Maurward again this year (May 27th) – so yet again Marian is looking for helpers for this day –so please ring her. If you want to come and ride in the non music classes – there is something for everyone and if you want to ride in the music classes please ring Alys. Saracen will again kindly sponsor the music classes with lovely prizes. There will be an Open – Pick a Test – music class so if you want to have a go at this – now is your chance!

We hope to see lots of you out competing in the New Year and wish you all sound and healthy horses and a very Happy New Year. Please enter early and please if you change your e-mail address don’t forget to let Julia know!!!!

Your Committee