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MSRC New Year Newsletter 2015

Happy New Year to you all! So far we have been lucky with the weather and the summer yielded a good hay crop, the grass was still growing in November and we have passed the shortest day- – so we can now look forward to Spring!

Those of you who came to the Mark Todd evening at the Northover in November – will hopefully have had a fantastic evening. The tickets sold out so quickly that it will be a reminder to you all to get organised early in future years, but we are not sure at the moment how we can follow that!!!.We were able to send a remarkable £550 to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation, which was the charity Claire Lomas wanted us to support and those of you who saw the amazing Panorama programme showing the work being funded by the NSIF will appreciate just how exciting this research is for people such as Claire. Regeneration of spinal tissue has at last been proved possible.

2014 was not the vintage year for our teams that we had hoped for so now our hopes are pinned on 2015! Being a Team Manager is really hard and very often thankless work, these managers do not have time to ring everyone on the members list – so the onus is on YOU to contact them and make yourself available!!! We usually run at least one Area only team which will give you the taste of team participation without the stress of thinking you may face a National Championship before you really feel ready. So please pick up the phone and talk to the relevant team manager for whichever discipline suits you and have a chat to them – we need to get MSRC back at the top! Our SJ team manager is Sara Bartlett ( 07967 208 778) – she would love to hear from any of you jumpers – there is a new intermediate winter competition this year too. For the Dressage – Carol Plested is the new team manager, we know we have talent in this discipline so please contact Carol on 07973 360 968 ) For Horse Trials, CT, Hunter Trials etc. , Mandie Bown is again the Team Manager( 07968 146 209).

The start of the winter season has begun without weather disruption and although entries haven’t been brilliant – the competitions have been well run and enjoyable. Do please help the organisers by entering dressage in good time as it makes the organisation much more difficult when the entries don’t come in until the poor organiser is preparing the times and we cannot accurately plan hiring times with our venues .

Training clinics are going well – Nikki Stephens, Amanda Edmonds and Gaye Farquharson have been working hard and we are about to have clinics with Jane Holderness-Roddam (spaces available -please book asap), Steve Hague and Sue Petty.

The summer dates for our open shows are :

Wincanton Racecourse

  • May 10th – Dressage Festival
  • June 7th – Annual Show
  • Aug 31st Pic n Mix Combined Training day

We would be delighted to have offers of organisers for these events – or if not organisers – some helpers, please! Could you contact Margaret or Marian if you are prepared to take on one of these competitions?

South Barrow

  • Dressage – May 30th, August 9th & 20th September
  • Show Jumping – May 17th, July 12th & August 2nd.

Mid Somerset are running the Area 12 Dressage to Music qualifier at Kingston Maurward again this year (May 25th) – so yet again Marian is looking for helpers for this day –so please ring her. If you want to come and ride in the non music classes – there is something for everyone and if you want to ride in the music classes please ring Carol. There will be an Open – Pick a Test – music class so if you want to have a go at this – now is your chance!

We also have our Mini CT at South Barrow on April 4th. We are looking for donations of Easter Eggs please for this competition and are also looking for prizes in kind for the Annual Show – so if time is precious and you cannot help at events, please consider giving a prize for the show – haynets, lead ropes, licks, gloves etc are all welcome – prizes don’t have to be expensive – but will really help us. Saracen have come to the end of their sponsorship for us and it is increasingly difficult to replace them. Please give Easter Eggs or prizes to a committee member – they will be really grateful.

Please support the Sam Griffiths evening on February 6th at Long Sutton Village Hall. This event will raise money for our charity donation to World Horse Welfare – to replace that which has been raised in the past at our Terrier racing evening.

Jeremy Greenop from RNAS Yeovilton will also give a short presentation about low flying and the local equestrian community.

We hope to see lots of you out competing in the New Year and wish you all sound and healthy horses and a very Happy New Year. Please, please enter early and please, please if you change your e-mail address or mobile phone number don’t forget to let Julia know!!!! Between them Alex and Julia have all kinds of nightmares with your contact details!

Your Committee

Main Club contacts:   Margaret Peverley (01935 473 188 ) Marian Draper (01458 241 506 / 07885 301 898) Treasurer/ Membership: Julia Down (01373 461 807) Teams: Dressage & Riding Test – Carol Plested (01935 850 248 / 07973 360 968) Horse Trials and Hunter Trials – Mandie Bown ( 07968 146 209 )Show Jumping –Sara Bartlett (07967 208 778)