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Eventers Challenge

On the 25th of February we took  two teams to pontispool equestrian for the festival of the horse eventers challenge run by the Quantocks Riding Club who did a fantastic job in very very cold conditions.

Ed Hobbs came down with us to offer help and support.

We had one team in the 80 cm and one in the 90 cm all teams and members performed exceptionally well and everyone worked as a team and showed fantastic comrade ship especially as this is completely new teams. With a little training and practice we should have a strong chance for a result in June at the horse trails.

The 80s section was a extremely large section where we had four riders Rosa Nash. Rosey Bradburn . Debbie Shields. Helen Roberts. Debbie Shields having a fantastic round to go double clear and finish 4th overall.

The 90s section was a extremely tight section there was some very good clear rounds where it came down to time penalties for the overall score and positions Tricia Saintey having a fantastic round going double clear and only 7 seconds over the optimum time staying in 5th place for quite a while before ending up 20th is just how close the  scoring was.

Overall Ed and I were extremely proud and pleased of everyone’s performances it really does put us in good stead for the horse trials in June and the basis of having and putting together a very good jumping team.

I will be organising two or three team get togethers before June so anyone who would like to come along and join the team training especially those that couldn’t make the Eventers Challenge you are more than welcome.

If you are interested in joining the team please get in contact with me, All are welcome.

Safe riding

Martin Boreham – Team manager.


Phone: 07813 132949.

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