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Area 12 Showjumping Qualifiers 2019

Fantastic day at Kingsedgemoor area 12 summer show jumping qualifiers.

Team 80
Dani Flintan, Helen Robert’s, Patricia Saintey, Debbie Shields.

Team 2nd.                                                                                                                                       Helen 4th Indervidual.

Team 90
Martin Boreham, Lizzie Clark, Rosey Bradburn, Sue McCulloch.

Team 3rd (& 2nd in the Championship Qualifier).                                                                     Martin 6th Indervidual (& 3rd in the Championship Qualifier).                                          Lizzie 4th Indervidual in the Championship Qualifier. 

Absolutely Well Done Everybody.

Mid Somerset’s Show Jumping teams are now firmly back on the map.

Area 12 Showjumping Qualifiers 2019Area 12 Showjumping Qualifiers 2019 Area 12 Showjumping Qualifiers 2019 Area 12 Showjumping Qualifiers 2019

Ace doing his photo bombing bit and deservedly so after his clear round.

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