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MSRC New Year Newsletter 2020

Dear Member,

Happy New Year to you all!

I am sure you are all fed up with the mud by now – the winter so far has been so wet – but when I saw the first crocus in flower in the garden this morning, it does give us hope that the days are lengthening and Spring will come!

You will probably have realised by now that our membership year has changed – (an edict from BRC) so you have all gained two free months. This will have given you time to adjust to the change so if you have not paid your 2020 sub by now, please do it at once or Carolyn will be after you and you will no longer qualify for member’s rates at our events.

We have had a busy year with competitions, training and teams out and about and doing really well. The dressage divas did well at Hartpury in August and the jumpers have also had a good year, with Martin going to two Championships to fly the flag for us and is also already qualified for one in 2020. It is so good to see Mid Somerset doing well at National competitions again. Carolyn has also qualified for the Championship of the Novice Winter Dressage at Arena UK. We wish them well.

Do remember that being a Team Manager is really hard and very often thankless work, these managers do not have time to ring everyone on the members list – so the onus is on YOU to contact them and make yourself available!!! So please pick up the phone and talk to the relevant team manager for whichever discipline suits you and have a chat to them – we will get MSRC back to the very top! To refresh your memory and for new members – our Dressage team manager is Carol Plested who can be contacted on 07973 360 968. Martin Boreham on 07813 132 949 deals with any discipline that involves leaving the ground – so HT, SJ or arena eventing – Martin is your man.

Mid Somerset once again ran the Area 12 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier at King’s Sedgemoor in October and thanks go to the whole team that made the day such a success. We have agreed to run this qualifier again in 2020 for the 2021 Championships – so Marian will be after you for October 18th! 

Our Quiz Night goes from strength to strength and it will run this year on Friday March 6th at Long Sutton Village Hall – with another fabulous supper prepared by Ed Hobbs! So, get your teams together in good time.

The uptake for our training and competition programme has been patchy in the last year and we would encourage you to support these events – or lose them. We have already lost our usual event at Wincanton Racecourse this year – the Combined Training last year that we tried instead of the annual show (which had become less and less popular), also struggled and was a huge amount of hard work for so little return.  We still have training sessions this winter with Jane Holderness-Roddam, Ed Hobbs, Gill Longhurst, Amanda Edmonds and Sue Petty so getting booking for these and the competitions!! Please remember to be vigilant about the flu vaccination requirements which can vary from venue to venue and be aware that BRC have now opted for the 6 monthly boosters.

The Supper Night with Mary King was a really good evening – not as well supported as our racing themed evenings, but we still managed to give her £1000 for Unicef and the Devon Air Ambulance for which she was very grateful.

From the raffle at the AGM we sent a donation to Horatio’s Garden at the Spinal Unit at Salisbury, where Jenny Frampton is continuing her treatment. She was very touched that we had done this.

We hope to see lots of you out competing in the New Year. Just a reminder – please, please enter early and please, please if you change your e-mail address or mobile phone number don’t forget to let Carolyn know!!!! Jane Surmon would love to hear from you if you can help at any of our dressage competitions (07771 548 317)

We are in the transition period between treasurers at the moment and we owe Julia a huge debt for her many years of service to the club – Judith Hall is now taking the reins and I am sure  you will give her your whole hearted support in this change over. Sadly, neither Judith nor Julia are in the best of health at the moment – so we wish them both well.

Wishing you all sound and healthy horses and a Very Happy and Successful New Year

Your Committee

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