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MSRC Spring Newsletter 2022

Dear Member,

It is now early April and winter has been really kind to us this year – I think I have only had one morning when the water in the stable was frozen. Whatever we get now it the way of adverse weather surely cannot last long.

We finally held our AGM in February and although not many people attended, it was an enjoyable evening, with a lovely supper provided by Margaret. We chose not to engage a speaker as we felt that people would really just want to chat and catch up with friends that they hadn’t been able to see for a while.

The Novice Winter dressage qualifier that was postponed from November due to a storm – finally took place at KSEC on February 27th. Mid Somerset did well and looked very smart with their new saddle cloths. Jaki Dyer and Ava Luna qualified for the Championships at Arena UK in March. Supported by Carol and Emma they made the long journey to Grantham, Jaki did really well and it was a pity that there was an equal 9th which meant that she just finished outside the ribbons, It was a really good effort.

The Intermediate dressage qualifier also has taken place and after the scoring gremlins were sorted out – our teams finished a really creditable 2nd and 3rd. Our thanks to Carol for wading through the minefield of entry protocols which seem to get ever more challenging.

The next dressage qualifier will be the Dressage to Music at KSEC on May 21st. Please get in touch with Carol if you want to enter for this.

Alys Matravers is looking after any qualifiers which involve leaving the ground – so please get in touch with Alys if you are thinking in that direction.

On the training front we have a new series of Sue Petty clinics booked – these are so good for ALL abilities. The ever popular Gill Longhurst ones continue on the third Wednesday evening of the month at WHW and Jaki Dyer is responsible for these.

The Amanda Edmonds clinics are on temporary hold while Amanda recovers from a shoulder repair – but contact Sara Bartlett for the latest news on these.

Another Test Riding day with Frances Turner is scheduled for May 26th at Half Moon and there is an excellent opportunity to show off your test riding skills and get help to make them even better!!

A new addition to the training diary are pole work clinics with Margaret Millward at WHW in May – thanks to Helen for organising these. Do come and join in – these clinics will be beneficial at any level.

Our dressage competition takes place on April 24th at Half Moon and if you haven’t entered already – please do so now as we are in need if entries for this day.

The popular South Wales and West Championships will tale place again at Hartpury in August and that is such a good day that we really hope we can qualify some teams again for that. This year the Riding Test qualifier will be on July 3rd at KSEC and the  dressage on July 9th at Chard.

We are in need of finding new members so please talk to people in your yard and see if you can encourage them to join us. Margaret and Marian attended the Area meeting in March and it would appear that we are not alone in experiencing reduced membership. In fact the meeting was only attended by 10 clubs out of the 19 in Area 12. The Area 12 website should be functioning properly now and will have all schedules for qualifiers accessible.

Hope to see you out and about as we move into Summer

Until then – keep safe and enjoy your riding!

Your Committee

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Autumn Newsletter 2021

Dear Member,

Dare we hope that these strange times are getting a shade nearer to normality?

Your Riding Club has seen quite  a few changes in the last months as we cautiously try and get going again. We have lost some committee members  for various reasons and Andrea Jones has kindly stepped into the role of Chair. Which with her knowledge of BRC and the Area 12 committee, this can do us nothing but good.

Sadly we have also lost our Membership Secretary – Carolyn Edwards and we thank her for all she has done and also applaud Judith for holding the fort on Membership at present.

This is a good point to remind you that Memberships are due on January 1st, since BRC changed the rules to make all clubs function Jan to Jan. Please check that your standing orders are correct. We realise that there are some members who do not compete but for historic reasons like to stay in touch with the club and we are offering a reduced rate for these people – as we realise that some mandates have not been changed. For such people their details will not be sent to HQ and therefore will not have the benefit of the insurance. For further clarification  please indicate this on your membership form ( attached) and discuss with Judith.  We don’t want to lose touch with  you!!

We have run two successful dressage competitions at Half Moon Stud and a third was sadly cancelled due to lack of entries – but entries are low everywhere at present and when we have to hire premises, unfortunately sometimes this becomes unviable.  We have a Championship series planned for the winter  – again at Half Moon – and look forward to seeing you there with excellent prizes on offer to Champion and Reserve in April.

Training has also seen a dip in participants – but both the Amanda Edmonds clinics at Kingfisher and the Gill Longhurst ones at World Horse Welfare will continue through the winter. Sara Bartlett and Jaki Dyer will be pleased to hear from you – the relevant flyers are sent with this mailing.

There are two clinics with Sue Petty booked at World Horse Welfare and we also have a Test Riding Clinic at Half Moon in January with Frances Turner.  This will be an excellent opportunity to ride a test of your choice – have it assessed by a List 1 judge, receive instruction from her and then ride it again trying desperately to remember and put into effect all the things you have just been told!!  Hopefully the marks on the second sheet will be better!! Places for this are limited so do book early.

We had a very successful day at the South West & Wales Regional Championships at Hartpury in August and Carol’s Dressage Diva’s came home with rosettes all round. We have a core group of riders going very well at the moment  and this bodes well for the next qualifier for the Novice Winter Dressage at the end of November. Remember that Carol is always looking for new combinations and you can compete as an individual so that you are not under pressure of being in a team, Come and have a go!

The ever popular charity Quiz Night – postponed from March will run  on Saturday December 11th at Long Sutton Village Hall. It is always a fun night and if you feel you don’t want to be in a team we are looking for helpers as well. Your ticket includes a supper and your first drink is complimentary too – with one of Margaret’s amazing raffles , what more could you want for a fun evening!

At the time of writing we have no date for the AGM – which will also be at Long Sutton Village Hall – but this will be advised in the New Year Newsletter.

However, don’t wait for the AGM – if there are other things you would like to see your club put on  – please do let us know.

Meanwhile – Safe Riding!

Your Committee

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Spring Newsletter 2021

Dear Member,

I am sure you are all wondering when we will ever get the club going again – it certainly has been frustrating with mixed messages regarding the status of indoor schools differing from one lockdown easing to another.

We were back briefly at World Horse Welfare and will hopefully be back there again soon – so for Gill Longhurst clinics at the moment the best option is to contact Jaki Dyer directly (07929 716 070).

For the Amanda Edmonds clinics at Kingfisher speak to Sara Bartlett (07967 208 778).

New booking forms for these clinics will be available when we are more certain of the way ahead – so Jaki and Sara are the best contacts at present.

It is no longer going to be possible to run Dressage competitions at Kingfisher as we cannot use the outdoor school for the warm up – so we are trying a competition day at Half Moon Stud at Motcombe. Many of you will remember when this was a regular venue for us. For those of you who are not familiar with this venue – it offers a nice Polytrack warm up arena and an indoor school which can accommodate a 20 x 60 arena, Please support this venture.

Do contact Martin Boreham if you are interested in a weekend camp at Stockland Lovell in September – this will include flatwork and jumping (SJ and XC) and I understand  some good food and fun evenings.

We will run the Quiz night later in the year when Village Halls are declared safe – strange that you can have a tattoo but not sit near anyone to do a quiz!!!

The Sue Petty clinics will return as soon as possible.

If there are other clinics that you would like us to offer or maybe some test riding – do let us know.

Sadie Berners has left the committee due to work commitments and we thank her for her work over the past years.

Jaki Dyer has been co – opted in her place and we welcome her to the committee.

Thank you for your support during these strange times

Safe Riding!

Your Committee

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New Year Newsletter 2021

Dear Member,

I am sure none of us will be sorry to see the back of 2020! What a year!

First of all your committee would like to say a huge thank you for staying with us through a year in which we have been able to run so few events for you. I know it may seem that some of the centres have been able to offer more than MSRC have, but this is purely down to economics, in that they own their facilities –but for us to commit to big hire fees in such uncertain times and having to adhere to Covid protocols which changed all the time – was just impossible.

We did not run the Area Novice Winter dressage qualifier for the above reasons but kindly Charlotte took it on at KSEC and Carol’s report of a very good day follows later in this newsletter. The Intermediate qualifier had to be changed from it’s original date and will now take place on January 17th 2021 at KSEC. A reminder to potential team members to ensure that your 2021 membership fees have been paid on time!!

World Horse Welfare locked down their facilities for a long time but we are now back using the indoor school. There are strict protocols in place and no access to the visitor centre is permitted which means no loos! For this reason I have not asked Jane Holderness-Roddam to offer a clinic this winter – for an all day clinic some basic facilities are essential. Hopefully, the Sue Petty clinics can start again soon and the Amanda Edmonds and Gill Longhurst ones are currently running. The only change with these is that they will be organised by different people. Sara Bartlett has kindly agreed to take on the Amanda Edmonds ones and Jaki Dyer has kindly agreed to take on the Gill Longhurst ones. I have been running 34 + clinics a year for more years than I care to remember and I just hope you will give Sara and Jaki as much support as you gave me.

The situation has meant that of course it was impossible to have our popular Supper Night this year and our Quiz Night scheduled for March 2021 also looks in danger of having to be delayed. The Injured Jockeys Fund were delighted with our £500 donation from our 2020 Quiz and we hope at some point in the future to arrange a staged presentation like the one we did with Brough Scott last year.

Our Annual General Meeting is due in January, but quite how this will be achieved is still under discussion, but we will be presenting our annual trophies as the winter programme was just about complete – so instead of winter and summer trophies we will be awarding ‘total points’ trophies in the  various categories. If you were the lucky recipient of a trophy last year – you should by now have returned it to Sophie Savage – if not – please do it NOW!!!! ( And return it clean please!).

Report from Carol on Novice Winter Dressage competition at KSEC on Dec 6th

The area Novice Winter Dressage qualifier took place on 6 Dec 2020 having previously been cancelled due to Covid regulations. Charlotte and John at KSEC kindly took it on – so a huge thanks to them. It ran like clockwork and was an enjoyable day. We only managed to field one non – qualifier team which finished 7th out of 13 teams. Anita Wilcox riding her new horse, Casper Rebel, came 2nd in the Individual Intro class. For the team Anita came 10th in Prelim 2. Jane Surmon on He’s The Man came 4th (Prelim 7). Emma Doyle on Esme came 9th in Novice 24, and only just stepping up to this level, Rosey Bradburn on High Spirits came 4th in Novice 27 – so we finished on 17 points. The next Area Qualifier (Intermediate) is planned for January 17th 2021 at KSEC so if you would like to be in a team please let me know as soon as possible. Carol.

We all hope for a better 2021 – so stay healthy and keep safe – we will get through this and we are lucky to have our horses to help us through all this.

Safe Riding!

Your Committee

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MSRC Autumn Update 2020

MSRC Autumn Update 2020

Dear Members,

                        Well – who would have predicted this time last year what a mess we would find ourselves in during 2020. We are SO lucky to live in the South West, where so far the incidence of Covid-19 has been much lower than in some of our densely populated regions.

Most of us, too, will have had our own outside space to enjoy during the lockdown. I cannot imagine what life would have been like in a high rise flat with not even a balcony.

But – to Riding Club issues! Your committee have met, in the open air and socially distanced, and have tried to plough our way through the edicts from BRC.

You are probably thinking that your membership fees have been an expensive waste of money this year – so we would like to take this opportunity to explain to you that we really don’t make a fortune at your expense. BRC had chosen this year to increase the affiliation fees to £15 per head (half of your subscription gone in one fell swoop!). Area 12 affiliation fees account for another slice and then there are two insurance policies for public liability and our assets. So at the end of the day we are not left with very much. Now that all the disciplines have introduced grass roots initiatives such as BD Quest and BE 80 T, this has had a detrimental effect on the membership of all Riding Clubs and we are not alone in seeing our membership fall.

Training is one aspect of the Riding Club ethos that we subsidise and of course all training had to be halted during the national lockdown. However, we did get going again quite early thanks to Carol Plested offering the use of her very nice outdoor school. We are now back up and running with clinics at Kingfisher (Amanda Edmonds) and World Horse Welfare (Gill Longhurst).

Day clinics such as Jane Holderness-Roddam and Sue Petty are on hold at present due to lack of loo facilities being available.

At the moment, all competition activity has stopped. We know that some of the centres are running competitions again and it is very different when these are their own premises and not us hiring venues and having to comply with tortuous risk assessments and issues such as paperless scoring and judge’s welfare. We find it impossible to run the Novice Winter Dressage qualifier this year which had been booked for KSEC on October 18th. As I write this there is no alternative proposal for this competition and it sounds as though we may be in some sort of lockdown again very soon so the October date may have to change anyway. Please still let Carol know if you want to be in a team.

Clearly our Supper Night cannot happen this year and because of the changes in the BRC year the AGM will not happen until January 2021 and again will be subject to the regulations in place at that time.

This sounds to be an update of doom and gloom but try and enjoy your horses at home and maybe continue your one to one training and then come out at the end of this ready to get going and put MSRC back on the map. Better still come to some of the training that we are running in a Covid safe environment. Don’t forget that you can always keep involved by sending Martin anything you would like to share on our Facebook page.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support and above all keep safe and look after yourselves.

Your Committee

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Statement – Coronavirus 18/03/2020

March 18th 2020

Dear Member,
It will, I am sure, come as no surprise to you that BRC have issued an edict regarding forth coming Riding Club activities in the current coronavirus

All Riding Club activities will cease until reviewed on June 30th.

Some of you who have qualified for Spring Championships – these have now also had to be cancelled. Such a pity after your hard work.

In the light of these circumstances we will not be putting out a Summer Programme at this time.

For information purposes, I know that some of you train independently at World Horse Welfare – this is now closed until a further review at the end of April.

I am sorry to have to bring you this news but we will keep you informed and the main thing is that we all keep safe.

Take care,

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A fun evening of General Knowledge questions and an excellent supper for teams of 4 or 5 players.  Excellent prizes! Superb Raffle!  Donations to charities including World Horse Welfare and the Injured Jockeys Fund will be made from the proceeds. Come and have a really entertaining evening.

For More info please see link MSRC Quiz 2020

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MSRC New Year Newsletter 2020

Dear Member,

Happy New Year to you all!

I am sure you are all fed up with the mud by now – the winter so far has been so wet – but when I saw the first crocus in flower in the garden this morning, it does give us hope that the days are lengthening and Spring will come!

You will probably have realised by now that our membership year has changed – (an edict from BRC) so you have all gained two free months. This will have given you time to adjust to the change so if you have not paid your 2020 sub by now, please do it at once or Carolyn will be after you and you will no longer qualify for member’s rates at our events.

We have had a busy year with competitions, training and teams out and about and doing really well. The dressage divas did well at Hartpury in August and the jumpers have also had a good year, with Martin going to two Championships to fly the flag for us and is also already qualified for one in 2020. It is so good to see Mid Somerset doing well at National competitions again. Carolyn has also qualified for the Championship of the Novice Winter Dressage at Arena UK. We wish them well.

Do remember that being a Team Manager is really hard and very often thankless work, these managers do not have time to ring everyone on the members list – so the onus is on YOU to contact them and make yourself available!!! So please pick up the phone and talk to the relevant team manager for whichever discipline suits you and have a chat to them – we will get MSRC back to the very top! To refresh your memory and for new members – our Dressage team manager is Carol Plested who can be contacted on 07973 360 968. Martin Boreham on 07813 132 949 deals with any discipline that involves leaving the ground – so HT, SJ or arena eventing – Martin is your man.

Mid Somerset once again ran the Area 12 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier at King’s Sedgemoor in October and thanks go to the whole team that made the day such a success. We have agreed to run this qualifier again in 2020 for the 2021 Championships – so Marian will be after you for October 18th! 

Our Quiz Night goes from strength to strength and it will run this year on Friday March 6th at Long Sutton Village Hall – with another fabulous supper prepared by Ed Hobbs! So, get your teams together in good time.

The uptake for our training and competition programme has been patchy in the last year and we would encourage you to support these events – or lose them. We have already lost our usual event at Wincanton Racecourse this year – the Combined Training last year that we tried instead of the annual show (which had become less and less popular), also struggled and was a huge amount of hard work for so little return.  We still have training sessions this winter with Jane Holderness-Roddam, Ed Hobbs, Gill Longhurst, Amanda Edmonds and Sue Petty so getting booking for these and the competitions!! Please remember to be vigilant about the flu vaccination requirements which can vary from venue to venue and be aware that BRC have now opted for the 6 monthly boosters.

The Supper Night with Mary King was a really good evening – not as well supported as our racing themed evenings, but we still managed to give her £1000 for Unicef and the Devon Air Ambulance for which she was very grateful.

From the raffle at the AGM we sent a donation to Horatio’s Garden at the Spinal Unit at Salisbury, where Jenny Frampton is continuing her treatment. She was very touched that we had done this.

We hope to see lots of you out competing in the New Year. Just a reminder – please, please enter early and please, please if you change your e-mail address or mobile phone number don’t forget to let Carolyn know!!!! Jane Surmon would love to hear from you if you can help at any of our dressage competitions (07771 548 317)

We are in the transition period between treasurers at the moment and we owe Julia a huge debt for her many years of service to the club – Judith Hall is now taking the reins and I am sure  you will give her your whole hearted support in this change over. Sadly, neither Judith nor Julia are in the best of health at the moment – so we wish them both well.

Wishing you all sound and healthy horses and a Very Happy and Successful New Year

Your Committee

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MSRC Autumn Newsletter 2019

Dear Member,

                        As I write this, the rain that we were desperate for a few weeks ago, has arrived and now doesn’t seem to know when to stop! Dry, cracked fields have turned to squelching mud. However, there was a lot of nice hay made this year which should bode well for the winter.

Mid Somerset has had a good year with some good results in our team activities, of which you will hear more in the Team Manager’s reports at the AGM. Martin Boreham has made it to not one but two National Championships, which keeps MSRC on the map.

We did not run an Annual Show this year but ran a Combined Training event which sadly was not well supported. Dressage continues to attract competitors and we did not run any summer show jumping this year. Training continues to be popular and well supported. This winter we will have training with Gill Longhurst, Ed Hobbs, Amanda Edmonds, Sue Petty and Jane Holderness- Roddam.

We recently ran the Area 12 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier at KSEC. This is a huge undertaking and a big ‘thank you’ to all of you who wrote or stewarded, scored, collected sheets or braved the chaos of the office. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

This year, our long term treasurer, Julia is going to hang up her calculator. She has performed this role for more years than we can believe and will be very much missed. At the time of going to press her successor is not yet in place. Membership in its entirety will now be done by Carolyn Edwards. Because BRC have now increased the affiliation fees – we are having to increase our membership costs. There has been no increase for many years so we hope that you will understand this.

Also BRC are insisting that all clubs start their year on January 1st. As you know we have traditionally had November 1st as the start of our year – but we now have to comply – so in fact you will be getting two months membership FREE!!!!  It does mean that all standing order mandates will have to be changed for the new date – so please ensure that you do this.

We hope that there is something for everyone in the Winter Programme – if not – it is up to you to tell us what you do want!  We are still DESPERATE for helpers at events – so please come forward and volunteer your services.

Many of you will know that Jenny Frampton had a horrible accident in her school at home and is now in the Spinal Injuries Unit at Odstock – we wish her well. It does bring it very close to home to hear of such incidents. At the AGM, Fiona Britten will demonstrate a new app called What 3 Words – which can pinpoint your whereabouts to a 3-meter square and could be lifesaving in many applications other than riding.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on November 25th at Long Sutton Village Hall – don’t forget that there is a free supper. The Annual trophies will be presented and our guest speaker will be Anna Risius who is a top class human and equine physiotherapist who works with top class riders at the big national and international events and was a member of the physio team at the 2012 London Olympics.

Finally, do remember to check flu vaccination status of each venue that you attend and always have your passport ready for inspection.

Meanwhile – Safe Riding!


Your Committee



Main Club Contacts:

  • Chairman: Ed Hobbs – 07968 628 169
  • Margaret Peverley – 01935 473 188
  • Marian Draper – 01458 241 506 / 07885 301 898
  • Treasurer: Julia Down – 01373 461 807 / 07720 626762
  • Membership: Carolyn Edwards – 07786 553 765
  • e-mail programmes: Alex Green – 01460 281 032 / 07766 885 965
  • Dressage Competitions: Jane Surmon – 07771 548317
  • Facebook: Martin Boreham – 07813 132 949
  • Website: Jade Forbes –

Our Team Managers are:

  • Dressage: Carol Plested – 07973 360 968
  • Horse Trials / Show Jumping / Combined Training: Martin Boreham – 07813 132 949